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meine-winterbraut ASKED:
If you'd draw a chibi Lizzy, you'd be wanted for murder tho, because I'd get a heart attack from looking at that oO Seriously though, I really hope you'll do more, I look forward to it :D

Ok, ok I’ll try to draw a chibi Lizzy for you and all Lizzbians&playgirlz/boyz. But nothing of police knocking at my door, I’m so young and innocent! Ç_Ç hihi ♥ ~ Stay tuned! ;)

meine-winterbraut ASKED:
Did you draw that Raina picture? :O If so, then maybe you should think about drawing more often, that picture is soooooo adorable!

Yes, I drew that picture of Raina. n_n Thank you! I’ll think about it, maybe do a chibi Lizzy or Uee.♡

Hi everyone, I’ve been on tumblr for 4 months now and i decided to make my own follow forever. Thank you for making my dash amazing and full of AS babies, and thank you for talking to me, sending me nice messages, reblogging and liking my stuff. (If I follow you but I don’t include your url here, believe me that’s not because I like your blog less.)  ♡♡♡♡ ( bolded = fave blogs )

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Lastly, happy new year my dear friends and amazing followers! Have a great year ahead ♡♡♡♡

Now, 304! o_o

Yes! I’m very surprised to reach this number. Since the creation of a-schoolgirl my desire was socialize with others playgirlz/boyz and do some edits of AS, but reach 300 followers never was expected, was a bit scary see this number. hihi 
Thank you very much! Thanks for give me a bit of your love and support during all these days. ♥

My little gift: A chibi Raina made by me for you all, with a lot of love. Hope you like it! n_n~♥

(Sorry for my english and congratulations if you can understand this. hihi)

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